Vaughn and Tammie Crone

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In March of 1973 my parents bought a 1/2 section of land that had hog barns on it. Included with these hog barns were 900 pigs. In 1978, we moved in another barn and started to have sows on the farm. Until June of 2006 we raised all our hogs from farrow to finish. The July to October 2006 time period was used to do total clean out of our facilities. This included any maintenance as well as a full wash out, disinfection and fumigation of the hog barns.

Our current hog production started October 30/2006 we currently buy feeder pigs from one location and feed them out in our system. We have our own milling system, which allows us to use our own feed grains. My wife and four children are very involved with our operation, helping when and where ever needed. Our product is available thru Shane and Doris Oram.

For more information please contact:

Vaughn & Tammie Crone

Box 698

Moose Jaw, SK