Loch Lomond Livestock

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Beneath the Missouri Coteau just south of the town of Eyebrow, the Aitken Family Farm is nestled gently amidst the prairie. The land was purchased by Bruce Aitken in 1942, who farmed until 1969. Bruce and his wife Lorna raised 8 children on the farm, all of which have remained in the province. In 1969, after a short time away from the farm pursuing university and working, John returned to the farm. John and his wife Sandra raised four daughters: Sarah, Elissa, Hillary, and Brooke. 

Today, the farm is primarily a beef operation, with a small amount of land seeded to oats that are used to feed the cattle. 1200 acres are seeded to tame forages which complement the 600 acres of virgin prairie. Approximately 1500 bales are made every year. No chemicals are applied to the crops. 

The farm is home to 120 head of cow-calf pairs and 50 steers, mostly Angus cross.

Brooke returns home to care for her flock of sheep: approximately 70 white-faced ewes that have grown from the original flock of five in the last fifteen years. 

Both the cattle and sheep operation are dedicated to producing quality meat, while still ensuring the well-being of the animals. The farm is also home to several dogs, cats, and chickens.

We are proud to be part of the ground-breaking initiative taken by West Bridgeford Meats and excited to see a sustainable option for Tugaske and area. Community revitalization has always been an issue close to the heart of our family and this venture is a clear illustration of the power of community.  

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