Hughes Farms

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Hughes Farms is located 12 km South of Chaplin on Highway 58. It was established in 1908 by Benjamin Hughes Sr. He set up the farm with only 3 oxen, a pull covered wagon, a breaking plow, built a house and his heat source was an oil burning stove. Ben and his wife Gladys raised their 6 children there. Over time the farm was built up and handed down to Ben's son James Hughes. James and his wife Joyce made home there and raised their 3 daughters and grandson. New machinery was bought and more cattle added to the livestock group. In 1997 James' grandson Steve took over ownership. Steve, Daina and their 3 children have since built the herd up to 120 head of livestock ranging from mostly Red Angus, and various other breeds like Short Horn and Charlois. All the Red Angus cattle are bred by purebred bulls. The herd is fed hay, alfalfa, and timothy and brome mixture. 

Vaccinations are done semi-annually and all herd members are treated for anthrax. In the fall vaccination is given for BVD, IBR, and black leg. All calves are fed from creep feeders through the summer.

We have had may compliments on the taste and texture of sausage prepared from our cattle.  

For more information please contact:

Hughes Farms
Box 52
Chaplin, SK