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 Ranching, the care and management of livestock is a very old way of life. It involves responsibility for the provision of food and water for livestock and it involves decisions in the care, breeding, and disposition of livestock. It has always been a way of life, a calling if you wish, and so our story begins. 

We are the third generation on the Z -N Ranch in the Sweet Grass District of the Coteau Hills. Howard's grandfather, John Campbell started ranching here in 1928, when he took over from his sister-in-law Jenn Nixon. Many changes have been made over nearly eighty years, but one thing remains the same - the grass our cattle are raised on. 

We rotational graze our native grass pastures from spring until fall, so that the cows are always grazing a good stand of grass. Calves are born mid-April on the grass. In late June, we follow a good herd health protocol, including vaccinations and RFID tagging calves. Cows and calves are returned to the native grass pastures without supplements or hormones.

The herd is checked regularly through summer and fall. Cows are processed in the fall with Vitamin A and Ivomec. Calves are usually gathered and sold in mid-November. We have been keeping back most of our heifers. Some go back in the herd, but most are sold as replacements, some going into herds as far away as Ontario.

Our cow herd is made up of Simmental/Red Angus cross cows bred to Red Angus bulls. The cow herd is one - iron - they're born, bred and raised right here on the ranch. Cows and replacement heifers are fed a high quality tame hay and barley silage ration throughout the winter. We treat our cattle well and in return they allow us to live the lifestyle generations before us lived. 

Cattle have kept Z - N Ranch going for three generations and with good management and a little luck, we believe they will continue to do so.

We are pleased to be on board with West Bridgeford Meats, as we feel their approach to zero stress and low stress kill floor compliments our approach to ranching.

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