Griffin Ranch

Tracking code: 4748


The Ranch is located about 9 miles southeast of Elbow just North of the Elbow Sandhills; The land consists of Tame and Native grass with a small amount of Alfalfa for hay. The cattle graze on pasture until the snow is too deep and then are put on feed for the duration of the winter. We start to calve in late April and the cows are calved out on the new grass. 

We run a commercial herd of cattle that are bred to Black Angus bulls. Our calves are weaned in late fall and back grounded at home until they are later sold the next spring or kept to be put on the grass and sold later the next summer. The cattle are on a yearly vaccination program. Hormones are not used. 

The back grounded calves are on a grain and hay ration with some mineral supplement given in the form of lick tubs or loose mineral. 

For more information please contact:

Bob and Linda Griffin
Box 272
Elbow, SK


Shawn Griffin