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Established in 1905, our family farm is located 12 miles southwest of Central Butte in the Robin Hood District.

In 1982 I became a full time farmer, a long side my eldest brother Jim.

In 1988 I married Toni Ames and moved to Central Butte for a short time and commuted to the farm.

In 1990 my father, Russell, passed away.  That fall we moved a house to the farm and started our family.  We have four children, Alicia (1990), Brody (1992), Brydon (1995) and Aftyn (1996).  We continue to farm the land and have a commercial cow/calf operation.

In 1999 we started our own trucking company, ABBA Holdings Limited and currently have six units on the road.

Our cattle receive a vaccination program consisting of Bovishield gold.  Minimum drugs are used only when required.  The cattle do not receive any hormones.

During the winter months we feed our cattle roughage and grain.  In the spring they feed on native and tame pasture.

For more information please contact:

Colin Campbell
Box 414
Central Butte, SK