Kevin, Donna, Abbie & Alishia Beach

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The Beach Family organic farm consists of husband and wife, Kevin and Donna and daughters, Abbie and Alishia. The farm is located near Ernfold, SK., Which is 60 kilometers east of Swift Current and 100 Kilometers west of Moose Jaw.

Kevin Grew up on the family farm and participated in the farming operations from an early age. He obtained his Diploma in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan. He began farming full-time in 1982. Kevin became an active member in the Organic Crop Improvement Association, serving on various committees in the southwest Chapter #8. Kevin is on the COLA Beef Marketing Inc. Board of Directors. The company is working to develop sustainable markets for organic beef.

Donna grew up on a mixed family farm in central Saskatchewan. She attended the University Regina and received her Bachelor of Education.  She teaches in the nearby community of Herbert.  Donna has always had a special interest in animals, thus the farm has raised/raises quarter and appaloosa horses as well as border collies.  She enjoys checking the cattle in the springtime when the calves are being born.

Daughters, Abbie and Alishia, are typical farm girls.  They are actively, involved pursuing their interest of music, sports and 4-H and in their spare time helping with chores.

The farm has been certified organic since 1989 with the following: OCIA, NOP, BIO SUISSE, ECO-CERT, EU equivalency.  The farm’s organic grain production includes the following crops which are grown in rotation:  lentils, peas, barley, oats, wheat, kamut, sweet clover, flax.

Livestock includes 110 Angus Hereford cross cows and feeders.   The livestock are raised in an environment that allows free movement and opportunity to express normal patterns of behaviour. 

Livestock are raised free from the use of hormonal growth promoter and antibiotics. Diet consists of certified organic feeds and forages that have been produced under an agricultural system that excludes the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Farming organically has its trials and tribulations. The challenges of growing crops with nature’s tenacious ability to fill all unused niches with weeds and trying to promote organic beef in a society saturated with marketing gimmicks is not easy. However, there are rewards, the comfort in producing food that is nutritious, healthy and  tasty; hearing customers say that our “wheat makes the best bread’ our “beef is the best they have tasted in a long time.” To make this impression on someone makes it worthwhile!

For more information please contact:

Kevin Beach & Donna Bryck-Beach
Box 59
Ernfold, SK