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McDougald Ranch has been providing our meat intake for our family for many years now. Research on grass finished beef is stating higher levels of CLA, beneficial Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E (conjugate linoleic acid). Our ranch is committed to providing the highest quality and healthy beef possible. By natural meaning no growth hormones. We are planning for have our beef ready for the market by the fall of 2008.

McDougald Ranch have been producing beef and horses since 1917 and is owned and operated by the fourth family generation. Angus and Darlene ranch in partnership with his brother Ray and wife Nolene . Angus and Ray took over the ranch in 1978. The ranch is nestled in the Cypress Hills foot hills 6 miles south of Maple Creek. One of Cypress Hill’s main creeks, Maple Creek runs through the ranch. Other water sources are the McDougald Reservoir (PFRA), natural springs, dugouts and dams. McDougald Ranch is comprised of 90% of native grass land. The McDougald Ranch focus is on “keeping prairie as prairie’, through maintaining the health of their pasture land for current grass production as well as future sustainability. The ranch’s goal is to graze year round, which means the forage base must be available, even in the drought years. We do some rotational grazing with electric fence. The livestock are not confined to corrals in the winter. The operation consists of approximately half red and black Angus 430 cow/calf pairs and 25 bulls which are raised by the ranch. We implement a low maintenance calving program, calving on pasture in June. The calves are wintered over, grassed through the summer as yearlings and sold at 14 or 15 months. 

The McDougald Ranch since 1994 have harvested, packaged and marketed the ranch native grass seed.

McDougald Ranch was awarded the Saskatchewan TESA (The Environmental Stewardship Award) award in 2006. The TESA award is sponsored by Ducks Unlimited, Royal Bank and the Saskatchewan Stock Growers. Topographical features of the ranches support a wide range of plant and wild fruit communities. The great diversity of habitat types resulted in over 70 bird species that live in very different environments being found on the ranch. Wildlife such as antelope, deer and moose can always be seen roaming around the creek. 

We are proud to be a shareholder of West Bridgeford Meats. We salute the performance of the Orams, the staff, the original 12 producers for their belief and support and the backing of their community in this business endeavor.

The coffee pot (made the old fashion way by Angus) is always on for a visit and you will be surprised to find that we reside beside a log cabin built in the late 1800. 

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