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Jonathon Dear

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Le John Farms located 12 miles northwest of Langham, Saskatchewan near the North Saskatchewan River.  We are a mixed operation with grain land, cattle and feeder bison.  Over the summer, the cattle are pastured and free to roam and graze on prairie grasses.  They are brought home to the farm in the fall and fed grain and forage over the winter months. The grain and forage we feed to the livestock is grown on our farm.  This way we can ensure the quality of the feed and quality feed means quality meat.

At Le John Farms we take pride in the quality of the meat we sell.  We produce livestock ‘naturally’ meaning the animals we butcher are free of antibiotics and growth hormones.  Sick animals are treated and sold off farm.  The livestock on our farm are treated humanely and handled in a low stress environment.

For more information on our farm give us a call or stop in at the farm for a visit.


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Jonathon Dear
Box 43
Hepburn, SK