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Dinsmore Colony

Tracking code 4702

Dinsmore Colony is a corporation of mixed farming, established June 23, 1976. We work as a group with different Enterprises. The Field Boss takes care of the field work, and with help from boys on whoever is available.  

Dairy man take care of milking 80 cow herd, plus calves, steers. & etc. Steers are fully finished for colony use or to sell or market. We used to operate a 320 sow operation which is shut down for now. Upholstery & shoe repair is also one of enterprise which is the shoemaker’s trade or job. Who also takes care of Geese, Duck & Turkey for colony use, or to sell or market. The chicken man takes care of 11000 laying hens as well as 3600 broilers for year for colony use or to sell or market.

We also have a fair size garden with different vegetables for our own use, but also to sell for market. Which is taking care of the German school teacher & young boys.

Steelwork and woodwork is also done in fully equipped shops, in any kind of steel or wood which we prefer. We also do custom work in spare time.

If we can be any help at all, we will do our best!


For more information please contact:

Dinsmore Colony
Willie Waldner
Box 400
Dinsmore, SK